Stay Calm and Get to Work!!!

Ok - its less than a week before it's Farmgirls Country Sale time!!!  Now the pressure is on!

I bought a stripped down, high back chair at a thrift sale a few weeks ago.  I've sanded it, pulled out a few tacks that were left and primed and painted it.  Hubby cut a solid board for the seat and that is installed.  Last night I cut the shabby chic cabbage rose fabric for the cushions and tonight I'll finish that part.

I painted things red...the legs of a small stool, a window insert (6 pane), a brown table, a chair and a shelf with pegs.  Part of that shelf is now painted with black chalk paint so it will not only hang three things on pegs but will record messages! 

I also painted a large flat basket aqua.  It will be cool filled with flowers.  

I upholstered the three chairs I painted...two cream with cream colored seats with huge French words written across them and the other is just the opposite for a black chair where the seat is black background with white French words written across it.


Well - its back out to the barn to paint so I can be done painting today and start pricing and finish cleaning and then staging!!!

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