That Annie...

Annie will be one year old to us in a couple of weeks.  She's brought lots of joy to our household in this past year.  Pets seem to bring out the best in us and our cat and dog have done just that.

A little over a month ago, around Mother's Day actually, I breezed through the kitchen looking for some kind of snack.  I vaguely remembered having a few extra muffins left over from our Mother's Day brunch but when they weren't on the counter, I figured I had put them in the freezer.

So I continued into the livingroom to sit down and watch TV  for a while.  Thinking I'd take a little nap too, I was about to sit down in the recliner...but on a whim looked for Annie who's little bedroom is behind the recliner.

Well - there she was looking up at me with those big brown, innocent eyes.  And beside her was a plastic zippered bag of I picked them up I couldn't help but laugh and motion to Hubby.  Upon closer scrutiny, I found not a hole or tear or mark on the bag.

Norma, the cat did it!!!

What?  Hoarding a bag of muffins for later then, Annie???  We laughed so hard and still laugh when we think of her hiding her stolen treat for a midnight snack maybe?  

Love those pets who bring fun and laughter and love to our lives!!!

Take care,