Another Pretty Sleepless Night...

Trying to rest in my NEST! 

I know this is a common complaint but why is it we have so many good ideas when its time to go to sleep?  Why do I fall asleep and then wake up in a few minutes with multiple creative ideas running through my head???  Why is it I can sleep sound around 7 a.m. when its close to getting up time?  Why - oh - why - oh - why???

So last night I finally got up and decided to empty my head so I could go to sleep.  I started writing things down that I wanted to do in the morning...take all the jewelry supplies off the kitchen island and move them to my vintage trailer or should I just bring all supplies out to the barn so I could really spread out and organize them?  Maybe I should work on my trailer but bring out my smaller class sewing machine so I could start decorating as soon as I wiped the inside down.  What should I use?  Finally it dawned on me - Murphy's Oil soap.  Whew!  That's at least settled.  I need to make some nests for the springs that I bought...I'll bring that stuff out to the screen house and work on them there - then the moss I'm going to add to the nests won't make a mess in the house but on the deck.  Yup!  Good plan!

I finally fell asleep who knows when - The Thomas Crown Affair was on with Steve McQueen - it was good and kept calling me from my list.
Anyway - woke up tired of course not wanting to do any of the stuff on my list.  And when I started thinking about hauling everything out of the house and to various locations, hardly any of it sounded right.  Too hot or cold in the barn and the same in the trailer.  Making nests in the screen porch was the only bright early morning idea that might work.

Or maybe I'm just too tired to work through the thought process today.
So I dyed my drop cloth teal/aqua and made Italian sausages with green peppers and onions on a grilled bun and primed the bench that should have been painted or stained last year.  And now I better write up my bills.  The best laid plans...or so it goes.

It's a gorgeous evening out there - I should be making nests in the screen porch.  I did get a few things accomplished...
but all the project boxes I took out of our bedroom are now scattered around the diningroom and kitchen.  Two more shelves of books are on the shelves...I did that about 2:30 a.m.

Now I'm thinking about bringing my daughter's turquoise ladder up on the deck so I can hang all my plants from it.  Later - maybe tomorrow.  

Take care - praying/planning for some sleep!



  1. So much to do and so little time!!! We understand! At least everything we want to do is fun!



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