Pretty and Spunky too!

My new ride!!!

Today I said goodbye to my little bright red HHR.  She served me well on my quest to travel my world and find junk.   

I've loved each and every car I've ever owned...well, I didn't care for my Buick Terraza so much but  I'm not a mini van kind of gal.  Lots of women are but I like odd car models.

Remember the Pontiac Aztek???  It was so different looking that I was stopped after getting out of it more than once to have a guy tell me how odd looking it something from outer space he said.  Love those opinionated guys...not!  Anyhow it became my badge of courage or something.  I called her my SUV wannabe.  When I wanted to buy another one, they had stopped making them.  Referred me to a Buick Rendezvous...but I wanted a new Aztek.

So I tried a mini van for less than a year and then I had two Chev HHR's in a row.  I called them the poor relation to the Chrysler Cruizer.  Now they don't make the HHR anymore.  I sound like the kiss of death to a car model...but this time I decided I needed something a little bigger/taller with more cargo space.

Today I walked into the Chevrolet dealer and drove out with a new 2013 Chev pretty candy apple red kind of color.  Now I owe my soul/pension to the company store - again.

She handles very nice and I can pack in a few more things when I'm out and about gathering junk and treasures!!!  Wait until my grandkids see the rear view screen - put her in reverse and I can see - no! I can literally see a screen with the view behind and 6' to each side of my backside!!!  Woo hoo!

And i have OnStar for 6 months and my dear car salesman hooked up my dumb phone to my car so when you call me, I can talk to you thru my dashboard and not fumble in my purse for my phone!  I won't have to call everyone back because they hang up before I answer!!!

I do have love affairs with my cars...she's pretty and spunky too.  She handles some decent curves at 55 mph...which is one of my priorities.  This gal still has some spunk left too!

Take care,



  1. Pretty and spunky, just like her new best friend named Bonnie!

    1. Aww...thanks, Cathy! Reminds me of your car and you!!!


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