Fall Activities...

Annie and I spent the better part of the day in the barn getting stuff ready for our Farmgirls Country Sale Sept. 26, 27 and 28.

Annie - my faithful assistant and friend!
I hauled paint out to paint things where they are!!!  A huge table is on her side so I can paint her legs Country White while leaving her top wood - I think.  You just never know how things will turn out until paint brush is in hand dripping some sort of paint color.

The other day I painted 5 chairs and today I began recovering their seats.  I finished 3 seats with 3 more to go - I know - the math is off - there's an extra seat for a rocker that Hubby painted.  Yay!

The first seat I recovered today!!!   

Red rockers and a tray with new red legs!

Time for supper - chili dogs and refrigerator pickles and hash browns!  Then its back out to paint - so nice when everything is set up and I just have to open the paint and brush!!!

Take care - I'm going to try to regularly blog again - we'll see with 15 days left before our sale!



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