It has been 50 years...

My tears fall every time I see the films of the events of November 22, 1963.  It's been 50 years today that our President was murdered.  I weep for what could have been.

I was a senior in high school - I was in Art class.  It was an awful day and the days after were spent in front of the TV.  I didn't think I could shed another tear but every part of those ensuing days brought more tears and sadness.

Every one was in disbelief...President Kennedy was so young - he was our hope for the future.  Our first President that was regularly in our homes on our TV's.  His beautiful wife and precious young children were familiar to us.  The pictures of our first family in the White House and his kids under his desk in the Oval office  - we felt like we knew them.

Fast forward 50 years...the sadness is still there and the tears still fall for our loss.  He never saw us get to the moon...his challenge was met but he wasn't here to see them take that first step on the moon for the USA.  And then again, we can hope that he did see what went on after he left this earth too soon.

We remember him today and remember the risks and threats our President faces each day.  Even with his loss 50 years ago, we can't protect our leaders 24-7.  I am thankful each day for our President and his ideals that are so hard won.

Take care,