Crafting and Recycling Almost All the Time!

It seems that my kitchen table is always full of projects.  (The two of us always eat in the living room in front of the TV - bad right?  The marriage is almost 20 years old so it works for us!) 

Anyway - I was just realizing how much I reuse/ we speak I cut a plastic cover to fit an old metal spring project I'm working on.  The jute wrapped tree is made on an empty thread cone and of course the spring is from a chair I guess.

In the dish drainer is a Pringle's can drying so I can Mod Podge scrapbooking paper on for a treat can for a Christmas present.  I thought I'd finish it so you could see...

I just finished using a sheet of music from an old music book and parts of an old doily to decorate an old ice skate that will hang on someone's door or wall or lamp post.

A choir of salt and pepper shaker snowmen are sitting on a mantel or a table.  Each year I whine about making more but once I start rolling the clay, sprinkling the glitter and otherwise decorate their cute selves - I feel joy in their faces gazing to the heavens!!!

And yes, I do keep toilet paper and paper towel rolls, too!  I have some ideas...

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  1. I have seen toilet and paper towel holders cardboard cut, painted and used for Christmas wreath I have been saving and gonna try it this year.


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