Finally Addy's Barbie Quilt Is Complete...

Why you ask would it take me so long to complete a relatively small quilt?  

1.  The quilt didn't actually take that long to piece.
2.  The tying/quilting took forever because I used velour as the backing.

First, I tried to tie the quilt - I couldn't pull the yarn through the quilt sandwich.  My hands aren't as strong as they used to be and pulling yarn through the top, the batting and then the velour back apparently isn't easy!!!

Then I maneuvered the quilt in a small space where sometimes the quilt ended up over my head as I repositioned it and stitched in the ditch and echo quilted.  A video would have been a priceless comedy!

So here she is with her matching pillow.  The quilting is primitive because I'm a piecer not a quilter.  I love the piecing of the blocks but not the quilting of the layers together.  Not enough patience is my diagnosis!

I hope Addy likes it...and that she still likes Barbies!

Take care,



  1. She will love it! I can't wait to see it in person. Thanks for all that hard work. I am sure it would have been good to get on video!


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