Work Is Good For My Soul...

Today I am feeling more like myself and a little less sad about my Dad.  So I started working on a couple of pieces of furniture.  I have new paint - a simulated milk paint - Old Century is the brand and the color is an off white called Vintage Lace.  So far I love don't need to prime - I just clean the piece with TSP and paint! (Old Century did not make me say this...)

Here's one of the pieces I've begun to refinish.  I love the french look to this chair but was going to paint the fabric which is in very good condition after I cleaned it.  However, it is proving difficult to paint.  So I will leave it this pretty dusty blue...there goes my plans to paint it and then stencil it.  Oh well...less work.

This is the chair with one coat of paint.  I will do what the instructions say and wait until its completely dry.  The print is so small on the can that I can only guess what it says without getting out a magnifying glass.  Ha!

I love it so was easy to paint around the fabric.  That was one thing I was worried about.  So I'm almost done.  Just need to distress it a little.  Now to find the screws to put the seat back on but I think Hubby has them safely put away.  

What do you think???  It doesn't go with my decor - it is way too formal for me.  So off to Zimmermann's in Mora, MN it goes.

Work is good for the day at a time!

Take care,