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My Dad has been ill - he's better now after spending time in two different hospitals, two trips to ER, a short stay in one nursing home and now rehab in another nursing home.

He's seen about 15 doctors and many hospital staff - nurses, respiratory aides, PT and OT aides, dieticians, 3 or 4 social workers, 4 or 5 pastors, and so many friends and family visitors.  His family has come from Michigan, Virginia, Georgia and all parts of MN. 

They saved his life...he is so thankful.  We are so thankful.  He calls many people his "Angels."  They are and he is our "Angel."  

We've traveled many miles to see him in those different hospitals.  We've walked many miles of hospital corridors.  We consumed many, many cups of instant hospital coffee.  We attended many meetings with people who cared for him and saved him for us.  We've lost many hours of sleep and so has he.  We've shed so many tears...some scary tears and then those happy tears.

He is a 91 year old WWII vet with so many stories yet to tell and repeat so many more times.  He calls himself the Swedish Leprechaun - he's one half Swedish and one half Norwegian.  He loves Irish songs and will sing them to anyone who passes by or stops to chat.  He puts his hand out to those he passes at the nursing home and says "Hi, I'm Orv!."  They all love him they say - we know why.  He is so lovable and we love him the most.


  1. Sorry to hear that your Dad has been near death and now is recovering...many Easter Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Thanks, Deb! I just looked at some of your posts...haven't been keeping up. Thanks for the visit, Deb! I hope to be around more now...


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