If I Had A Hammer...

I'd hammer in the morning...I'd hammer in the evening all over this farm!  I love the look and message of metal stamped jewelry and other things made with silverware.

I have been making necklaces out of spoons and pieces of silverware for a while now.  Here are some examples...

I had a great set up in the barn but its about 20 degrees out there right now so I moved all my tools into the house and to the end of my new kitchen farm table.  And now I'm making entertainment utensils...spreaders and cheese forks.


It is fun to wield a large hammer, pound the silverware flat or not, stamp in a message, saw it in pieces, drill a hole(s), file the edges smooth, polish it shiny and create something interesting! 

Sometimes the message is very meaningful to the person purchasing the piece for their own or to give to someone...that's when all the work is worthwhile.

Take care,