Our Latest Visitor!!!

This sweet little bird has been visiting us at the farm for a few days.  She even kept Hubby company in the pole barn yesterday.  So he had to chase her out when he came in for the day.  She came to the deck and stayed.

Isn't she beautiful?

Today she hung out on the deck all day eating bird seed and looking at me through the window.  So I decided to make her a shelter until I knew what I should do.

Her soulful eyes melted my heart!
The County Sheriff posted a winter advisory for -25 tonight so I decided to ask my friends and their friends on Facebook for help.  I messaged my neighbor first and then posted on both my Farmgirls Country Sale page and my personal page.  

My attempt at a shelter for her...bleak.
I received a nice post for a shelter I could make out of a tote and insulated cooler.  So I went to the couch, finished a crocheted hat and checked back on Facebook.  In a message from my neighbor, she said two of her boys would be excited to come and get my Little Princess White Feather.  Yay!!!

Here she is under the farthest end of the deck!

The guys under the deck with their long handled net!

Success!  A bird in his hand...

And now in the cage...whew!

 I'm so glad they were successful in their rescue.  The temperatures tonight would have had me throwing blankets and all else under the deck to try and protect her! 

I love my neighbors!!!  Thank you for saving the littlest of creatures...you're the best, Will and Max!

Isn't that picture perfect - a Christmas tree on the van!
I'll post of picture of her in her new home when I receive one to share!!!

Take care,