A Day We Celebrate...

Today, Hubby and I celebrate our 20th anniversary!!!  To mark this special day, we went out for lunch to a local restaurant where the waitress convinced the cook/chef to make Hubby's favorite - spaghetti and meatballs - (which is normally only served after 5 p.m.) in honor of our anniversary!  It was amazing - fresh sauce and wonderful meatballs and the salad was so good that Hubby commented on that too!  

Tomorrow, we take a road trip to WI where we will search the garage sales there and end up eating lunch at a wonderful place recommended by a friend...as you can tell, eating and eating out is one of our special treats we give to ourselves...mostly for me!!!  I love not using the kitchen for its intended purpose...as is evident by the glitter and E6000 and baby shoes and book pages, etc. that inhabit all the flat places (counters)!!!

So glad I trusted my instincts those 20 years ago after I had been independent for 7 years.  I

married my best friend.  We have worked most of the kinks out of our relationship and so we continue on our journey - together! 

Now he's in his workshop and I'm going to continue reading my 1389 page book - I'm on page 784!!!  A work of fiction but filled with true crimes that have not been solved from the 1960's - unspeakable crimes committed by home grown terrorists, some who are dead now and some who are not.  Why these cases have not been pursued is yet another mystery.  I highly recommend Natchez
Burning by Greg Iles....if I didn't have to try to sleep and paint furniture, I would not stop reading it.  So off to the couch after this long post....a great day and more to come!


  1. Happy 20th anniversary! Time flies!

    1. Thanks, Deb! It does fly - and we fly together!!! Good to hear from you...I have got to post more often. So busy that I just can't keep up!


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