Remembering on Memorial Day...

Well - that was a busy day and far from home!  Our family still puts flowers on the graves of our loved ones.  So today my brother, one of my daughters, and I traveled 85 miles to the cemetery.  With three of us, we accomplished all eight plots in about an hour.  

We were hurried because asphalt was being laid down on all the roads we needed to be on within the cemetery.  So because there weren't any roadblocks...I did leave an impression - on one of the roads - with my tires.  It did have to be repaired and we saw them re-rolling that part that I drove on too soon as we wandered around trying to figure out how to get to our destination without causing too much more distruction.  It is just a few days before Memorial Day when most people focus on paying respect to their loved ones...not the best time to be making chaos at the cemetery.  Our best guess is they wanted it to look nice.  Huge, big, dump trucks waited at our second stop until we had finished planting so they could do their work. 

This is always is an emotional visit for me but today with two others helping (they actually did most of the work but I drove!) it was just a pleasure to be outside, in the sun, with family digging out the grass that had over run the little planting area by each marker.  

My Dad always wanted them planted by Memorial Day and he would be proud that we got it done for him on time this you Dad - hope you like the plants!  One of your nephews will be adding to what we planted so your new resting place will be fully decorated by Memorial Day!!!  Yay!

Hurrying because of the roadwork and all the biting ants!!!

Together again...

Grandma, Grandpa, Great Aunt and my 2nd Grandpa

Memorial Day
 a day of remembrance... take some time to remember.

Take care,



  1. Oops with the tire imprint....maybe they should have done it a week earlier...but you did get the flowers planted..My dad was in WWII. I haven't visited his grave since the funeral, many years ago...


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