To The Lake...

It's that time again...we're off to the lake in a couple of days.  So today I cooked and baked.  Now when we get there, we'll have all kinds of good eats and I won't be spending so much time in the kitchen...I call it the play kitchen.  It is small and somewhat awkward with minimal counter space and cupboards.  But we like it there - we can bring our dog, Annie.

Usually we meet friends two or three times during the week but last week Annie had two strokes - one on Sunday and one on Friday.  So while she is better, we don't want to leave her in the cabin while we are gone.  Her balance was way off so she would stumble and actually fall over.  Now she is stronger...she walked around the whole driveway for the first time in a week.  Her head was turned to the side and now it is straighter most of the time.

Today the weather was perfect for the 60's with a cool breeze.  I hope that is how it will be Upnorth at the cabin.  I love sweatshirt weather!

 These pictures are from last year...makes me excited to get the car and truck packed up.  I will report from Upnorth and my home away from home.  I'm bringing jewelry supplies and books and maybe some hand sewing/embroidery.

 I finished my Bluebird pillow and will bring it into the shop tomorrow.  This pillow was made on my embroidery machine...I love this software.  This is my third one - can't wait to make them all.  I made one with a Cardinal and another with a Chickadee.


Well - off to bed to read.  Lots more to do tomorrow to get ready for relaxation at the cabin!!!

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  1. Poor Annie...happy to hear that she is better! LOVE the bluebird pillow!You did an awesome job!!! I had 5 baby bluebirds this year. Yesterday they left the nest which was so cool to watch! Have fun at the cabin!


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