Jewelry Metamorphosis... defined as a change into something new!

Today after returning from a visit to a couple of antique stores and a take-out-to-the-park lunch, I dug into my three train cases full of jewelry parts.

First I decided to organize things a bit and found this pendant/pin with an earring glued to it.  I had made another pendant using the other earring and this one never moved me to finish it.  While the other one sold, I didn't like the way this one floated in the oval space.  I pried it off and in the process, two of the blue sapphire looking stones came off.  Using E6000 glue has always worked great for me so it took a little abuse to remove the earring.  I just glued both stones back into the piece and it awaits another future creation.

In my organizing, I found these fun one of these is not like the other.  Can you tell which one doesn't match?  It actually pays to open the little bags when you get them from an Etsy seller.  The connecting o-ring was missing on one. 

Anyway - I thought - hmmm.  I think we have a match...and it fit nicely into the space.  But I didn't like the brass background so I thought of gluing a piece of an old book page into the oval.  However, no old books along.  So what else can I use when I am here at the cabin???

I had picked up a free paper at the antique store so I paged through it and there was my old looking book page look.  An old business card for a tea I cut out part of it and pressed it to the pin.  It left a mark where I could cut out the oval and then I glued it on the pin.

Now its looking better after I glued the odd owl into place.  The eyes were just indentations so being the glitter/bling girl that I am, I looked around the table to see if I had anything that small.  All my rhinestone things were too big.  Then I spotted the ball chain....Aha!  So I cut off two of the little balls and used my E6000 on a toothpick to glue in the eyes and now it looks complete!

I really like the look of my little odd ball owl...and the pendant looks way better to me.  I like to use ball chains on my necklaces.  I leave them super long so you can just cut them the length you want your necklace to be or you can add a different chain.

It was a good day - nice cool breeze on the cabin craft porch!  Let me know what you think of my little metamorphosis.  Funky owl makes me smile.

Take care,