Most of the time, I live in anticipation.  It seems like I am always getting ready to do something - getting ready for another shop sale, making a special order, and now getting ready for a Farmgirls Country Sale at our farm.

I don't know if its healthy or not...I would like to totally relax.  But I'm thinking that I'm not that kind of person.  I suppose I need those goals to keep my spirits up - my drive going forward.

Reading in the middle of the day is a real luxury - I need to give myself special permission to do that.  Some day I will read during the day every day.

Most of the time I spend on the computer is for my business...bidding on auctions, keeping my Farmgirls Country Sale Facebook page updated with comments and pictures, pinning ideas on Pinterest to use on my old vintage stuff, and purchasing stuff I need to do all of that.

Anyway I needed to put words to paper and tonight was the night to do that I guess. Anticipating tomorrow and what it will bring...and getting my To-Do list accomplished.

 Now to go relax and read...finally,



  1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog...sometimes it takes forever to get in the mood. Hope you are having a great day and some anticipation of what is to come.

  2. Like the JOY plaque! I spend too much time on the computer...need to get myself ready for the last garage sale of the year...

  3. Bonnie, I am right with you, I am always in anticipation preparing or doing the next great project, it is what brings me joy too. We have so much in common, I started a vintage show here in Orlando, 2 years ago and I see you have one in my home town! We are kindred spirits for sure!



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