Cooking With Minimal Heat in the Summer...

I am in love with my new Presto Pizazz Plus

 (click on the name - it will take you to Amazon where I bought mine.)

This is the machine - the part with the heat and the tray that sits on it and goes around.

You set the timer for the time your oven would take.
But there is no preheating and there you are - done!

We love pizza but this summer - the heat - oh - the heat.  So I saw that a friend of my daughter had one of these.  So I decided to go to Amazon and see what it was all about.

I'm so glad I did - I brought it to the lake where I'm never quite sure of the oven which is always gas.  I guess I'm somewhat afraid of gas and when its an oven I don't know...well, you know.  So I bought this little contraption and it worked great!

My g'kids loved it and so did I.  We made pizza and chicken wing appetizers on it.  It's great for those kinds of things.  Oh and we made Toaster Strudels and S'mores on it too.  We did have a small fire...the marshmallows need to be cut in half or as they get nice and brown...well, nothing was damaged.  And this is why you have to be near when you are making that kind of thing.  The kids and I still laugh about our S'more flare up.

Easy clean up too!  No smoke coming out of the oven so the fire alarm doesn't go off!!!  Yay!

Supper's done!

Take care,