Just a walk around my yard...

Thought I would get a post written even if it is just to show you my yard today.  I don't have all the weeds taken care of yet...not sure I will conquer that soon.

But my wheelbarrows that I have planted look pretty good...we've had hot weather with enough rain to make sure the lawn needs mowing every week.  Different for us in central MN...which means the weeds are very happy because in places, no one is interfering with their growth.

I have wanted a little garden shelter/gazebo/she shed for a couple of years.  Upon showing the picture I had from Pinterest to a couple of friends, their families got right to it.  

I think guilt got the better of my Hubby so he and my two g'kids have begun the project.  Yay!


It is coming along nicely - we're using all things we have collected....the old deck from my daughter's house, porch posts we got at a garage sale, the frames from two old screen houses will go up next for the side railings and back wall.  Decorating it will be so much fun.  I can't wait to show you more pictures as it progresses.

I'm in the house as the heat is climbing again and the humidity returns tomorrow.

I hope to post more regularly with projects that I am working on.  And for sure my new garden gazebo!

Take care,