Gramma's Teacups...

My Gram was a collector....mainly of teacups and souvenir plates.  When her friends and family members would go on vacation, they would bring her back a teacup or plate - the plates usually had a picture of the area they visited.  They were very colorful and decorated the walls in her kitchen.

I still have many of her I decided to finally use them for a project I have been thinking about for quite some time.

Not every one sews but I think everyone has pins and needles.  So I made pinkeepers out of the cup and saucers.  I made them for my girls and my grandgirls for Christmas.


I wrote up this little description of my Gram and some of the things I remember about her and Christmas.  My daughters were able to spend time with her but my grandgirls never got to meet her.  She was such a special lady....

This teacup is from your Grandma/Great Grandma Matilda Wilhelmina Brandvold Johnson Solee's collection.  She was born in 1903 and died in 1982.  You never saw her without a crochet hook or needle in her hand.  She made and sold many Weary Willie dolls and gave away many afghans.  Christmas at her house was a feast of Swede sausage, meatballs, mashed potatoes,  lutefisk, Swedish brown beans, homemade rolls,  pickles, olives (one for each finger), and every kind of cookie imaginable - Spritz, Washboard Ginger Cookies, Fatigmand, Krumkake, Mexican Teacakes, Icebox cookies, Date balls, etc.  She must have cooked and baked for days ahead of Christmas Eve.  Her home was small - the second floor of a house built on the side of a hill at on the East Side of St. Paul.  It was crowded but we loved it there with her.  Her hugs were the best.  When her friends returned from a trip they would either bring her a souvenir plate to hang on her kitchen wall or a teacup to put in her cupboard.  So after taking care of her teacups forever,  I thought it was time to share them.  I hope you enjoy this remembrance of your Grandma/Great Grandma. 

Love, Mom/Gram 2016

I think everyone liked them and when they use them, will think of her and maybe even me...

Take care,