Enter Joy and Laughter...

My Hubby and I rescue older dogs from a great shelter.  Our Annie got breast cancer three years after she adopted us... her death left us so sad.  We never get used to this part of rescuing an older pet....but we know how many pets are out there that need a good home to live out their lives.

In September, joy in the form of a sassy little Schnauzer entered our home and our lives.  MacKenzie is a miniature Schnauzer and is the smallest dog we have ever owned weighing in at 17#.  Her personality is very big, however, and she won our hearts over the minute we walked around the corner at the shelter.  She is 6 years old and was found wandering around a small Minnesota town.  She had just had puppies and that is all we know about her background.

She never walks - she trots and runs and twirls and jumps 3 feet off the ground although we've been told she should not do that.  We have not been able to break this habit though.  We keep trying but that is what she does when she comes in from outside and whenever she wants a treat.

 Her effervescent personality makes us laugh out loud every day and many times a day.  There never has been this kind of visible joy in our home...

I think she came to us for a reason.  I had looked for different dogs to fill the void...we always look for a female, older and willing to put up with our kitty, who is now our 13 year old Bambi, that we adopted the year before.  When I contacted the shelter about a dog that I found that looked like she would fit into our family, we were told they had just the right dog for us.  This is the fifth pet that we have adopted from our favorite shelter so they know of what they speak!!!

Kenzie is our protector...especially from squirrels, partridge, pheasants, and cows, etc.  She perches in the window and warns us by screeching barking and then mumbling when we try to calm her down after thanking her for her vigilance.  We laugh every time it happens many times a day.

 Her little basket of toys is her endless joy...she loves to pick out a different one each time she wants to play although she has destroyed quite a few.  It is amazing what she can do to one that isn't puppy proof...she is a chewer.  She loves the squeaky ones - the noisier the better.


I'm convinced that she will extend our days on earth.  She removes the stress of these gloomy days and for that we will forever be in her debt.

Take care,



  1. That is so great that you rescued her and that she brings you so much joy. I hope she lives a very long time.

    1. Thanks, Deb! Who knew at our age that we would laugh so much!!! Thanks for the note!


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