It's Fall! Yay!

The road to my house is very picturesque.  People comment that the trees are so pretty - gorgeous they say.  I agree!  I love looking out the window this time of the year.  Usually its green and lush but now its goldens, reds, rusts, and oranges. 

This is actually going out my driveway - I waited too long
 to get a good shot of the drive to my house.
This is what I see when I'm at my computer.  I love the
subtle colors of yellow and rust. 
I actually love my yard no matter what color it is!
It seems funny to me that I love those colors outside but I don't decorate with fall colors at all.  I live with aqua, red, green of all shades, and just a little blue. 

So now its time to dress up the barn for our next sale...lots of fall colors mixed in with our gorgeous wood tones of all of our dressers and cabinets and tables! I'm pretty sure have every color possible but today the warm fall colors stand out.

Love this banner that Jaci made for Halloween!

Kathy works wonders with our tablescapes! 
Jaci made the yardstick table - so clever!

All set up for the sale in the barn!  Lots of stuff outside and inside!
 It's still 70+ degrees in October in MN.  What a great fall - we are very dry but its just unbelievably lovely outside.  Wish I was at the lake!
Remember Farmgirls Country Sale Oct. 7 and 8!  Then just one more in November - big time Christmas sale.  Can't wait to decorate for that one!
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  1. So pretty !! We get some pretty fall color here In North Texas too. Such a change from where we were raised in Southern Calif where very few trees change color. We run a bit late here though, true fall colors are often not showing until around mid to late Dec. Sometimes though, we get a pretty Thanksgiving and I always enjoy that !! Enjoy that view and I wish you the best for a great sale this weekend !!!


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