Old Spoon Pinkeeper

Sometimes an idea lays around for a while before it is acted on by this Farmgirl.  I have been in love with old silver and silverware my whole life.  One of my prized possessions is my Mom's silver Cracker Keeper.  It has been in her family for probably 100 years.  I feel so lucky to be the caretaker of this family heirloom.

I digress...anyway I have been making necklaces and wind chimes from old silverware for a while now.  In reorganizing my sewing room, I uncovered another silverware idea!

A nice old spoon, an oval cutout (stuff it!),
and a little doily (kinda hard to find so I crocheted my own!)
So cute and handy!

It's a pretty simple project.  It has good weight to it and sits quite nicely on the arm of a chair or where ever you may do your handwork.  Wouldn't it be an lovely gift if you use one of Grandma's spoons? 

Take care,