It's a Miracle!

I haven't posted on this blog for so long and people are still reading my old blogs!  When I couldn't get into this blog a while ago, I created a new one...Meandering...My Journey.  Today I finally figured out what was wrong with my computer, fixed it and now I can get back into this one as well as my newer one.  I have a difficult time getting one blog post created but I'm going to try to treat each blog differently and see what happens. 

I haven't thought this process through yet but it intrigues me.  Right now my thought is this one will be for talking and thoughtful words.  My other blog will be craft/business focused.  We'll see.

Well - I've been so stressed today with my computer stuff that I'm too tired to evaluate much more!  I'll be back to straighten things out.  You'll be the first to know what will be where!


Kitty observing Condor coming right at her!
Kinda how I felt while I tried to figure out
 why my computer hated me!!!

Take care,