Baltimore Orioles and Me!

Momma feeding baby grape jelly - you can see it on her beak!

Lately the Baltimore Orioles have been entertaining me.  It’s been too hot for me to feel like gardening and I’m paying the price for watching the birds eat grape jelly instead of pulling weeds…the weeds are winning.

Baby wants more!!!

Two years ago I had a wonderful red bowl and a jar of grape jelly so I put one in the other and stuck it on the top of the deck post.  Almost immediately, the Baltimore Orioles discovered their little buffet.  They've come back every year.

Siblings at the feeder...not fighting this time!

This is the first year that I’ve actually noticed their young ones at the trough with Mom and Dad.  I have counted at least four young ones and who knows how many parents - I can't tell one from another - yet! 

Waiting in line for sweets!

My computer is aimed right at their feeding bowls.  Yup – I added another bowl because there were some dust ups with the young ones.  I don’t like confrontation so I put another bowl up to lessen the arguments. 

Another bowl so less fighting!!!

It’s a blessing that I have a digital camera because I’ve taken a hundred photos of my babies…here’s a few.

Take care and feed the birds!!!  It's so much fun and almost free entertainment!



  1. When is the next sale? Never been to one, but I'm anxious to hear about them and hope to make the next one!

  2. Hi Sue! Our next sales are the first two Fri. and Sat. in Oct. Otherwise we are bringing some of our things into Mora at Zimmermann's Decorating. Hope to see you in Oct.!

  3. So adorable! It's wonderful to watch our bird friends and very relaxing. Great to see. x


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