Summer Daze...

I feel like I've been in a daze most of the summer!  I'm not going to whine about the heat anymore but I think its beginning to cook my brain!

I've been pretty busy but my crafting speed has slowed down quite a bit.  There are days that go by and I've only accomplished a small part of the list I've made for myself.

A tussy mussy made with Hydrangea!

This was a "free" day to get some hats decorated.  It's 7:30 p.m. and one is done.  This is not productive so now I will stay up and try to get at least three decorated. 

I did make a trip in to the store, brought my wire mannequin for the vintage white lace dress and set up a tablescape.  The dress form is now in the window by the floor length mirror by the table with my newly finished round burlap/muslin ruffled tablecloth.

So that is why I am embellishing hats so I can place one at the top of the mannequin.  It's kinda fun decorating a moving many things sell that its never quite the scene we plan...hence, moving target!

Three pillows I embellished with doilies, flowers,
 picture card and a little bling!

Off to finish up those hats...I'd like to sit and watch mindless TV for an hour before bed!!!

Take care and stay cool!



  1. Hey Bonnie,
    LOVE the pillows and embellished hats! Iknow that this heat has slowed me down!
    Thanks for the prayers for my BFF...
    Off to email you!


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