Working on the Weekend...

Projects done!
It's too hot!!!  We live in Minnesota - its not supposed to be this hot!!!  In spite of the heat - I don't like the heat!!! - I accomplished a few things and Hubby did too!

Hubby soaking stamps off of envelopes
 so he can put them in books or file!  He's so cute!
First I made myself another caftan...its cotton batik and so comfortable!  Nothing binding....

My go to comfort outfit in this heat!!!
Three yards of fabric, fold in half,
cut out a neckline,  turn neckline edges over,
 stitch edges using decorative stitches,
 and sew up the sides!
Then I got out the paint and painted two old gold mirrors (the plaster decorated kind) Vintage White.  They will be part of a vignette in the store I'm supplying decorating items to tomorrow!  I finished a muslin pillow with burlap rose on a burlap sleeve and added embellishments to a burlap wreath I made a while ago.

So now I'm off to make some tattered burlap and lace roses for more projects.  Stay tuned!!!  I love making flowers with fabric.  They all turn out so differently.

I hope you've had a glorious weekend!  After hitting 100 degrees tomorrow, we should cool down.  Come on - its Minnesota - turn off the heat!!!

Take care,



  1. I am in Minnesota too, and agree that it is just too hot. Love your caftan idea; I have been thinking about sewing some tops as I can never find much I like in the stores. I love it that you are a great grandma and Junking.


    1. Hi Jane! I thought about making a short one for a top...I used the width of the fabric but for a top, I think I would cut it down some so its not quite so big They are very cool tho - thanks for stopping by! It's always good to hear from another Minnesotan!!!

  2. Wonderful Kaftan! Wow, you make it sound so easy to make ... look forward to seeing the finished mirrors and frames. : ))

  3. Hey Julia! It was easy - I decided that I wasn't going to make facings and I didn't. I looked at another neckline and decided to just wing it so with scissors in hand - I just starting cutting and then sewing! I just paid $40 for one and this one cost half that...and so little time! Thanks for stopping by!!! Is it still raining??? I hope you get a reprieve during the Olympics...


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