Day 5 Stitchin' Chicks Quilt Camp...

Red roses for Valentine's Day!

Time to post something - its been a while and I have much to share and so little time to write a post!

In January, our quilt group decided to spend a whole week together sewing.  Our other two camps are four nights and five days.  How did we get so lucky to be able to take the time and schedule this time together???  Well - we have very understanding spouses for one thing.  Yay!

So while my hubby handles the home front, I am here inside this wonderful establishment (AmericInn No. Branch, MN where they treat us like queens!) doing my very favorite thing...creating stuff out of fabric.

Instead of making quilts this time, I am making smaller things.  I've made four pillows, three little Valentine hearts, two table runners and now I'm working on fabric bracelet cuffs and fabric cards.  I have to get rid of some quilts before I make more quilts...maybe they will be gifts this year so I can refill the cupboard.  But for the time being, I will make pillows, jewelry, table runners, and other stuff.

Red roses pillow, Nest pillow, little Valentine hearts
 and Au-then-tic cuff will be ready for the shop!
The weather this week has been perfect for staying inside and that's what I've done.  When the temperatures are below freezing and sometimes below zero, its time to do inside stuff.  Other than running to the car for something, I went out once for a little shopping and to a great Mexican restaurant - then back inside to my sewing machine.  

Hope you have something in your life that is as relaxing and fulfilling as sewing is to me!!!

Take care, 



  1. The nest pillow is pretty and the little hearts are sweet! I have a sewing machine and one of these days I'm going to take up sewing!
    Keep Warm!

  2. Thanks, Deb! Time to get that machine out and join me! So fun to just use scraps and make those little hearts. I just made a bizillion more to put in a little basket!

    Thanks for visiting!



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