Great Eggnog Pecan Waffles...

Hubby and I like alcohol...just eggnog.  A favorite way to enhance a dish of ice cream...Turtle Tracks or Old Fashioned Vanilla or Chocolate Chip or...and a splash of eggnog.  Could you put more calories in a bowl?  Probably not...
No family members had any so our 2 quarts of eggnog went untapped on Christmas Eve.  Maybe they like Tom and Jerry's - I don't know - never thought of that!  We're not against alcolhol, we just never think of having a drink.  Oh wait - I do like a beer with my pizza.

Anyway - the use by date on the eggnog container was getting closer.  So I thought - hmmm...I bet waffles would be good with eggnog.  Yup - someone else had thought of it too and on up popped a recipe.
Both of my daughters wanted waffle irons this Christmas and so I bought two and told them I thought Bisquick made the best waffles the quickest.
Oh wow - were they good...sprinkle a few pecans on top of the waffle before you close the lid and they were so tasty!!!
So here's the recipe.  I made Jimmy Dean's Maple Sausage to go with the waffles.  It's a keeper supper for us!


2 c. Bisquick
2/3 c. milk
2/3 c. eggnog
1 egg
2 tbsp. oil
Beat all ingredients with wire whisk or hand beater until well blended. Pour onto center of hot waffle iron. Add chopped nuts (pecans) as desired. Bake until steaming stops. Makes 3 (9-inch) traditional waffles.
Try them - you'll love them!


  1. Those waffles look very good! I'm a pancake girl mostly!
    Happy New Year! I hope you are keeping warm. I'm trying too. I don't like to go out in the cold.
    Might go to an estate sale in the neighborhood tomorrow. Then to the shop to fill/change up the booth.

    1. Deb-
      Happy New Year to you too! I am keeping warm...lots of layers of course. Today was a heatwave though - 30! Woo hoo! I'm jealous - no estate sales up here right now. I was at the shop today and pulled all Christmas and have begun working on more fun things.

      Take care and thanks for the visit!


  2. Oh those look great, I would have never thought of that! OMG you have 3 forms, you have got to get them dressed for the ball!! Good luck on winning


    1. Carol-
      Here I am still online and its midnight...what is wrong with me??? I'm thinking of another form that Hubby has to make a stand for...then I will be dressing it in muslin and burlap and lace. Maybe...not enough hours in the day!

      Thanks for the visit!

  3. Hi,
    It looks very good !! I tasted waffles in Bruxelles..
    Greetings from Italy !
    La Sportina

    1. Roberta - thanks for visiting! Would love to visit Italy some day! Such a beautiful best friend is Italian - we have lots of laughter when we visit!



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