Works in Progress or Mess in the Kitchen!

Here I go again...making stuff in the kitchen.  Deadline coming - sale in the shop Feb. 15 and 16 so I'm finishing up, starting and redoing stuff!

Yup - there is my kitchen table underneath all that creative mess!

My #1 Assistant...

Oh, 2nd #1 Assistant...
Where I go they I always have company making stuff.

I love my messy life!!!



  1. Our tables look a lot alike. I have no sewing machine though!! Creating takes a lot of room! I LOVE your assistants!

  2. Thanks, Karen! They are cute helpers...after being gone to a quilt retreat for a week, they are sticking real close to me if not on my lap! I'm going to complete most projects tomorrow and then will take a pic of my cleaned off table!!! I hate when I do this but I like working in my kitchen - its bigger than my other little 1949 size rooms!!!

    Take care, Bonnie


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