A Nice Story about a Three Legged Dog...

Today was the first day of our "We're Ready for Spring" sale.  Its always lots of work getting ready for these events so when the day arrives, we are happy to be visiting and helping our customers.  It's relaxing after weeks of working almost around the clock at home!!!

And we always hear fun stories...today was no different.

I was in the front of the store when I heard my name so I wandered back to the checkout area where my friend was waiting on a customer and her mother.  I love animals and most everyone knows that so the story goes like this.  See the neck roll pillow with the green trim doily in the picture?  That little pillow now belongs to a little three legged Chihuahua.  

Seems that this little dog ran into the street and was hit by a car.  The vet tried to save her leg but when he couldn't, he removed her leg.  So now she hobbles around on her three legs and while she likes her owner's pillow best - her Mom decided she needed this little pillow for her own.

The customer asked if I cared that it was going to her dog - and of course, I thought it was a wonderful place for my little pillow to go - hope it gives this little dog comfort after such a terrible ordeal.

So - there you go - another fun little human/doggy interest story to add to my memoirs.

Take care,