The Miss Emily Kae is Home!!!

Yesterday, Miss Emily Kae came home to roost!  My new vintage 1968 Manorette trailer is now sitting outside by my gardens where I can see her from my computer.

My son and daughter in law bringing her home!!!
This is what I see when I'm at my computer!
Nestled in by my raised gardens... 

My trailer-warming gift from my friend, Judy!

A few things going out to the trailer
 after I get it cleaned up!
I have my little four cup coffee pot ready.  I'm looking for a small toaster oven and microwave.  I have a couple of shelves that need to be painted red, a small aqua corner cabinet and a red magazine rack. 
Pretty soon she will be so filled up that I won't be able to move it out of the yard...I am trying to limit my decorating items!!!
Take care - I'll be updating "Miss Em" soon!



  1. Miss Em is here!!! Sweet!!!
    It's nice to see your shop and goodies for sale!

    1. Thanks, Deb! Hope you're having a good weekend!

      Love this kind of MN day! Lots of sunshine and coolness!

      Take care,

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    I've found a '68 Manorette myself, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what a fair price would be. I'm pretty sure the person is asking way too much but I have nothing to back that thought up with. May I ask how much you paid for yours? What condition was it in?
    Please feel free to email me at sarahjames1229@hotmail. Com


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