Vintage Camper Love...

Today we finally got to go see the little vintage 1968 Manorette camper made in Chilton, WI, that my friend's son has for sale!  It's 16' long and I'm in love.  It's all wood interior - usually birch I guess.  The wood needs some repair but on the way home we discussed how to keep it intact and restore it.

I see the stainless steel stripe changing to red.

Curtains and cover on cushion
probably aqua/old green and red something.

Jadeite and red transferware belong here somewhere.

Microwave on the end of the counter. 
Going to contact paper the oven that doesn't work
with old green and white checks.

Now I know the restorer, my friend,
loves this Route 66 motif, but its not me at all. 
So I'm thinking 40's tablecloth and curtains to match.

The cushions are sage green
and that will be perfect with my red stuff.

So I'm still dreaming but as soon as I can find someone (Bob?) to haul it home - its probably going to be mine.  It will serve as a writers nook, guest cottage and grandkids hideaway!!!  Oh ya - and my own Margaritavilla to share with my friends!
Take care,



  1. I just had to laugh (again) when you said the little camper is going to serve as your very own Margaritaville. Sounds like a good plan.

    1. a girl has to have a plan...thanks for agreeing!!!

  2. Wonderful ideas. I love it too! Really cute! You will have it looking so sweet!

    1. Like I need something else to do but it will be fun to get away and still be in the yard!!!

  3. Where the heck is Chilton....sounds familiar like we may have passed thru there before.

    1. I don't know where Chilton is - I just read it on the trailer. Not much info on the company and its long gone now. I like to do a little research on things...didn't get very far!

  4. The wood inside is so pretty! Have fun! I am still on the search for my little retreat.

    1. I know!!! Some of it needs repair but I might just live with it until I figure out how to fix the paneling instead of removing it. It looks so different now without the heavy curtains. Can't wait to start decorating!!!


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