I Won, I Won! Online Auctions and Me!!!

I'm in love with online auctions.  Actually I love auctions, but I prefer not to spend a whole day waiting for the items I want to bid on so I've taken to online bidding.

And the other reason I bid online is - its safer for me - I think.  When the end of the auction nears, I still get kind of hyper and watch the clock and watch the incoming bids and then try to stay at the maximum I've set for myself for each item.  Sometimes I'm successful and sometimes the excitement has me going over the line - a bit.  

I never get to the inspections that they schedule before bidding begins so when I win, its even more exciting.  Usually I can tell by the pictures online what the item is like.  At one auction house, they will go measure and give their opinion on age, quality, etc.  That auction accepts my absentee bids and bids for me up to my maximum-its a real, live auction but I'm not there.  Usually I know if I've won something a few hours after the auction begins.

The ones I am involved in more recently don't offer that service.  In these auctions, I actually bid online and can increase my bid as the end draws near...where all the excitement begins!

So today I will show you some of the things I won this week...

This item turned out to be lots bigger than I
 anticipated  and is so gorgeous!!!
 Its semi porcelain and 11 1/2" tall
 and about 10" at its widest part.

A nice yellow Sears metal scale.

A wonderful advertising piece - 1912 Cream of Wheat ad.

Pretty sure this is a reproduction and advertised as
 a cast iron string holder...probably made for a candle.
I still like it!

After about an hour of investigation where I couldn't find anything
like it - I think this is still an authentic Weller Ware 5 1/2" vase.
Some crazing but no chips or cracks..
These pieces were just a fraction of what I won - some of the other things were a crockery jug, cracker jar, maple spindle bed frame and about 45 45 records!  So you can see how eclectic my tasts are!

I will keep some things, sell some things at the shop or at our occasional sale in June.  It's a win/win!  And I get to shop around the clock!  Yay!

Well - time to get to work!  Have a great day and take care!