Ok - That's Enough Snow Now and a Giveaway!!!

The day after the snow storm...so beautiful out!

After another 9 inches of snow, we're giving up - yup - here in MN we try to just grin and bear it.  Its pretty and all that but we're ready to bring on the mud and spring and gardening!!!

Well, the forecast says - more.  More is coming so buck up!  Okay then - it beats packing up all my craft and sewing stuff and going south for a couple months.  I really like staying in and looking out the window when its snowglobe time out there but its difficult for Hubby to keep the driveway open so for him I'm wishing this next round might be the last of it.

Anyway, Three French Hens Vintage Lifestyle Shop & Paint Studio  has a great giveaway of four samples of La Craie furniture paint.  So click on over to their page and go for it!!!

Our snow dog, Annie, up to her tummy in the snow!

and she's not coming in!!!

Have a great day and craft on!!!