My First PSA or My Crazy Dream...

This is my first PSA (Public Service Announcement).  I have to write about this so it gets out of my head!!!  It will help me and I hope it might help you!  Remember this was only a dream but it occurred weeks ago, it still bothers me and I still remember it so well.

Well - I know you won't believe this part but I was shopping (dream) an old fashioned but upscale department store.  Yes - a department store - I bet you haven't heard that term in a while, at least I haven't.

As in real, conscious life, I was browsing and listening to conversations around me.  There happened to be an older woman - ahem - with a small dog - in a carrier.  She was well coiffed and talking loud to this dog in baby talk until she wasn't.  Then she was kinda yelling - grown up talk - because the little white fluffy specialese doggy had jumped down and was running away!  Doggy owner was running too!

So there was confusion and other store patrons were wondering what to do and scattering to pursue this ball of fluff.  It seemed somewhat odd to me all of a sudden.  All this noise and confusion.  Out of habit, I looked down at my purse - which I have a (real) habit of not zipping closed.  I felt the ice in my veins when fear rushes in.  I searched for my billfold...and (real) I sometimes can't find it but then I do - but it wasn't anywhere to be found (dream).

So one or more crooks (possibly a team) were creating a diversion and then took advantage of the staged confusion to take what wasn't theirs.

Now - feeling stupid and vulnerable (real) - I decided it was time to wake up.  I do this regularly when my dreams get too much to handle/fix.  I know how much work it is to replace all those important things we carry around with us and I didn't want to go through all that work in my dream.  I haven't had the experience of calling credit card companies and banks and replacing a drivers license but I have friends who have had to.  

So the first thing I did after I got up was go zip up my purse.  A rude awakening (real) but at least I was dreaming through this event!!!  

So there you go - my first PSA.  Now its off my mind and on yours!!!  So zip it!

Take care and sweet dreams!