An Afternoon with My Dad

I do have a couple of crafty blogs almost ready to finish up but today I had a great day and wanted to share it with you.

It started off with a haircut - when you have short hair like I do, its important to get it shaped (in my case - actually needs lots of thinning and cutting) every 4 weeks.  So that was good.

Then it was errands and a little shopping before I went to Curves after which 14 Curves friends celebrated our August birthdays.  So much fun - very good food - and lots of laughter!

I had to leave before everyone else did because I was going to see my Dad!  My hubby fixed his park bench and I went to paint/stain it for him.  When I got there he had begun the project.  Dad is 87 and still pretty sharp but his painting skills have definitely gone down hill and I'm not an expert.  First of all he was staining in the sun so things got sticky/tacky and uneven.

So together we finished staining the bench.  It was fun for both of us.  So I stayed and he talked and I listened and it was great.  I sure love my Dad!