Restocking is so Fun!

On the road again...
People often ask me where we get all the stuff for our sales.  "Everywhere!", I say!  And that's the truth.

This week I've been 85 miles south of my house on Tuesday to pick up a few things I won in an online auction - two shelves and a vintage folding sewing table.  Always fun to see what I really won vs what it looks like in the online picture.  Yay - not too bad but lots of gas. 

Ok - so I've got some painting to do!
However, it's MN Shop Hop time so I stopped at three quilt shops on my way and picked up a few pieces of fabric and some new quilting magazines.  And then I had to visit an antique shop across the street from the auction...picked up a nice little yellow magazine stand - for my new magazines and a cute little stool.
Might have to be aqua for my sewing room!
Oh, yes and then there was a garage sale that was open a day early so I got some really cool items there - large glass and copper vase-type containers that were filled with plastic fruit - ugh! - that will look really cool with pine cones or some silver glass ornaments or fresh evergreen branches.

On Wednesday, just down the road was a moving sale with lots of lampshades - remember the 12 to 1 ratio on whether the shade will look good on the lamp??? - got lots of stock now.  I love the 1930 -1940 style dressers and bought one that needs some lovin' and fixin' - gorgeous three paned mirror.  Can't wait until Bob fixes that one.  Mirrors are a very popular item - scored a beautiful ornate gold one and lots more great finds.

Hubby's truck was in the way so this is as good as it gets right now!
Today I headed to a town 45 minutes south of here to a Sisters Sale that I try to get to every year.  Our checkout counter came from there a couple of years ago for $5!  I love the tables made with the old iron sewing machine legs - got one!  Another old white, ornate chair and lots of cherry canisters (might live in my kitchen for a while) and a great real wood little cabinet with four drawers that needs to be a fun color. 

Needs some cherry fabric on the seat I think!
On the way home I spotted another interesting garage sale where I picked up a nice wicker coffee table, window mirror and two tablecloths along with other treasures.

So after I got home I had just enough energy to weed my weed garden (4' x 8') and sprayed for weeds.  I never use weed spray so hope it does the trick.  I did pick a hand full of sugar snap peas - so good in our salads tonight.  Not much for veggies this year - tomatoes are usually very plentiful but I've picked two good sized ones and the other 6 have been really small.  They still taste so good though.

Tomorrow is another trip up north to the Deerwood Summerfest see what we can find for the sale!  Meeting a good friend for the sale and lunch afterwards.  Oh ya - and then a visit to Wooden Nichols at Garrison on our way home.  Crystalie has such great stuff and fun ideas at her little cabin store in the woods!

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  1. Oh, what FUN! I'd love to be out there searching with you....well, I guess I am when I read your posts! Thanks for sharing...pat


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