Big Honking Drawer Table

Who would think that you could make a table out of a drawer?  Well - we found one and now when we find another big honking drawer, we will make another table.

So the table is basically a large drawer from a good sized (hence the "honking" adjective) dresser or cabinet.  The legs are other pieces of repurposed wood and the hinged top is another part of the dresser/cabinet.

I really love this look!!!  With the hinged top, its very versatile and easy to store some of my bizillion magazines.  I can see this painted a cool color and used in the kids' bedroom for dolls or transformers or color books and crayons/markers.  I'm off to find some orphan drawers but this one is for sale at our next Farmgirls Country Sale on Sept. 2 & 3.

Take care,