10 Things About Me...

Today I'm going to record 10 random things...

1. I procrastinate doing the things I love to do.  Is it the guilt programmed into my head that I must do the things I hate first?  Yes - I suspect that is partly the reason.  The other part might be that I've started so many other projects that I think I need to complete those things first.  So beginning tomorrow I will spend time on things I don't like to do (ie. housework), things I've begun and not finished, and a new altered art project that I've wanted to try.  I bet I will be up early and to bed late!

2.  I do like to cook but not difficult recipes...just simple ones that come under the heading...comfort foods.  It's great creative fun to find things in the cupboard/refrig and create something wonderful - like meatloaf, chocolate chip cookies or potato dish of some sort.  Now if only I like healthier food and less of it.

3.  I want to build my own tree house out in the middle of our driveway that circles around to our barn.  I want to create/find the building plans, buy the supplies and put it together with my own tools.  I'd like to do it in the spring so I can hang out and write and see things from above.  Looking for some plans will be my next step...or should I design it myself.  Hmmm...

4.  Driving is a passion of mine.  I love the freedom and the power of getting into the car, turning the key and leaving for anywhere.  When my adventure is over - usually exercise, coffee with friends and errands but also my 200 mile round trips to a bigger city for real shopping - I really like driving back home into the driveway and finding my husband, cat and dog waiting for me.  Everyone updating me on their day and me updating them on my day.  My bright red Chev HHR makes me smile when I see it outside waiting for me to power her up and go again.

5.  The hunt for things I think I might need for my altered art or to repurpose and sell for our two sales is a thirst that is never quenched.  My mind races as I look through my favorite magazine thinking of where I might find baby shoes or old vintage lace.  Should I make the thrift store route again or a garage or estate sale or ???  How can life ever be boring?  I cringe when people say they are bored.  I have a million things to do - buy - make - sell - write!  How can I share that passion with those people or do I want to?

6.  If a relationship becomes too difficult, I can usually walk away.  I wonder if this is a weakness I have or because I've hit the senior discount age I just don't have time to invest with those who make life too difficult or dramatic or competitive.  I'm not sure I like this part of me.

7.  I love my dog but there is something about a cat on my lap that melts me most days.  It must be the unconditional and haughty part of a cat that is satisfyingly comfortable to me.  It also means fall and colder weather which means I'm usually reading or knitting or crocheting while she naps.  Sometimes it means that my hubby will get my coffee out of the microwave where I forgot it.  I like that part too.

8.  My kitchen studio and fabric room are a mess and I really prefer working in that atmosphere.  I know it would look better when others peek into my room where my fabric appears to be falling out of the cubes where they used to be color sorted.  I like digging through the stacks of whatever to discover a long lost piece that will work just perfectly in what I'm making.  Ha!

9.  I miss my Mom every day.  She died almost 16 years ago.  I have a million things I would like to ask her about when she was young and growing up on the farm where boys were more important than girls.  I want to know everything she knew, everything she learned about life and what should I do today about this and that.  I would hug her more even though she wasn't a hugger.  I would do that for me.  How did she survive her mother dying when she was 15...was she scared about going to "town" and being a nanny...where did she learn to be so self sufficient.  I want to know what she knew.  I talk to her but she doesn't talk to me.  I miss my Mom.

10.  I need my Dad to live longer than I do.  I love him.  I don't want to be an orphan.  Period - the end.


  1. wow, i dont really understand number 4. its wonderful that you love driving, but i just cant relate. i hate driving. one of my friends once joked that driving to a close-by starbucks (20 or 25-minute drive) is like CHINA for me. which it kinda is.
    i like your blog.
    would you like to drive for me?

  2. a sweet pea - I would love to drive for you - I'm a driver not a rider. I thought it might be a control deal but really its a scary deal...everyone else's driving makes me nervous. My car is mine and takes me to fun places. I have to share almost everything else with my sig other..but not my car. I live in the middle of nowhere so you see its also my independence and allows me freedom. Could I mention I like the alone time it grants me too??? Thanks for following me - I'll try to get better - I'm still practicing! I love panera's - I'm one of those females that takes up a booth for hours with a friend catching up on stuff.

  3. oh, how wonderful!! i finally wont need to drive anywhere =)
    i know what you mean about other peoples driving making you nervous. my mother's that way. she will not let anyone drive her anywhere if she can possibly help it; she'll take the wheel herself thank you very much. me, im okay with everything. someone tells me they drive like a crazy person or a drunk, im like "cool, very cool. wake me up when we get there."
    i have to admit, though, youre right about the alone time. thats probably one of the few upsides about driving. you can think on whatever you wish, or yell at the air, or sing your heart out =P
    ehh, following you is no problem. your blog is pretty interesting. and when you do get better, ill be right here, commenting you on (not cheering you on. commenting.)
    haha, ive seen some girls like that come in... they just sit and talk for hours. its okay though, cuz panera wants its customers to hang out there all day =)

    ummmmmmm, id love to help you with following my blog........ but.......... i kinda dont know how either... sorry =(
    when im signed in, at the very top of whatever page im looking at, theres a bar with a blogger search bar, buttons that say "follow" "share" "report abuse" and "next blog." and then my email address, "dashboard" and "sign out. if you have one of those, im sure you could use it to follow..


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