Ok - now for the gorgeous Norwegian scenery!!!

Ta Dah!!!  It's time for me to reveal some the dramatic scenery that we experienced on our Scandinavian Tour.  

First of all this is a map of our path beginning at Oslo...because of weather and other unfortunate happenings, we missed the Copenhagen leg of our tour.  We travelled about 2000 miles on a tour bus with the greatest driver ever!

Most of the following jaw dropping scenes were taken - some out of the bus window in the rain - on our journey from Oslo to Bergen which was up the mountains to the tundra and down to Bergen.

I believe the mountain in the distance is actually a glacier...funny thing about glaciers, they actually move.  Scary to me!!  but so beautiful and mysterious.
One of the ferry crossing we made on the bus!

Loved being in this scenery!!!

 These homes were on the tundra - just rock and very little else.

Lakes, fjords and mountains - God's wonders!

A couple real good bus meeting bus, bus meeting semi stories - I'll tell you when I see you!
Waterfalls and tunnels define Norway!
Troll marshmallows everywhere!!!

I took a million pictures out of the bus window trying to capture these bags filled with grasses and seeds for cattle.  I thought they were wrapping bales of hay or straw but they are actually bags.  I had this great story for my grandkids about troll marshmallows.  It was creative in my mind...because you know that trolls never want to be seen and if they are, they turn to stone!

Well - I have so many more pictures so I will be carrying around my laptop and cornering friends...beware! 

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