My Discovery of Norse Ships

Archeology 101:  Can you imagine finding this Viking ship?  

Discovered in Norway in 1906, the Oseberg ship (above),
the best preserved Viking ship ever found,  reveals its Norse
shipbuilders' graceful construction style. - PBS site
The Viking Ship Museum displays the large Viking ships Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune, as well as founds from the chief grave at Borre in the Vestfold district. The three ships are the best preserved Viking ships known, found in royal burial mounds in the Oslo fjord. As burial ships, carrying the dead over to “the Other World”, the ships were equipped with unique treasures such as wagons, horses and especially textiles which are seldom preserved from the Viking age, now on exhibit at the museum.


Our guide said that they found evidence that this ship, built around 800 A.D., carried the remains of a woman with her textiles amongst other items displayed in museum.  For more detail on the items found in this ship:

Buried in cold water and silt, the Oseberg ship was reconstructed with very little new wood.  They restored it using the pieces that were found at the site.  The craftsman were just that master of their craft.  It is beautiful and majestic.

It was difficult to get a full view of the ship even though there were balconies to take pictures.  I found this museum so interesting and if you want more information, here's links for more Viking history. 

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  1. Beautiful. I especially love the scroll on the prow of the boat.


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