Lovely Norwegian Buildings

I love old buildings and so do Norwegians!  Norwegian buildings are so colorful and old!!!  They keep their old buildings - they don't tear them down like we have done to so many of our lovely old structures.

The green of this building in Oslo was so beautiful - of course, I love green but it was a sage green and the masonry trim around the windows made it look like a giant gingerbread building.

This building had murals painted at the top...unique!

This was The Grand Hotel in Oslo, I thought it was grand!  There was another Grand Hotel in Stockholm equally as grand!

Such a great picture even if I don't know what it was used for!  On our trip I found the buildings of Norway and Sweden so interesting.  They were almost like gingerbread but with lovely colors and lots of masonry detail.  Not only the buildings in the cities were unique to me but the homes in the countryside were such different and wonderful colors.

These soft pastel beauties caught my eye.  Except for this delivery truck, I believe this was a pedestrian walk...Karl Johan's Gate.  There was usually one of these areas in each of the larger cities we visited.  It helps when you don't have to worry about cars and trucks when you are gawking upwards at the great sites.  My new friend, Mary Kay, is doing just that!

Look at how the houses were crowded together in the distance and of course the wonderful building in front.  Houses were so close together that I wondered if they planned the windows accordingly so you wouldn't be looking directly into each other's homes.

I'll get back to you on what this building is but I guess it doesn't really matter because I thought it was so stately and lovely sitting at the end of an area of gardens and statutes. 

That's all for today - only 260 pictures left to show you - just kidding!!!

Norway is the land of my ancestors - it just felt good to be there and enjoy the people and the culture and the buffets!!

Take care,