Darn! Maybe not in a tree...

After doing some minimal research. I might have to alter my tree house plans.  Other than the fact that I really don't like heights, building one in the tree I'm thinking of isn't going to be feasible.  I guess I'm more pragmatic than I thought. 

So my new plan is to follow through on something I thought about while in Norway last month.  Those intelligent Norwegians built these little house like structures (stabbur) for food storage.  They put them on piles of rocks and some on stilts so the rodents couldn't get at their stockpiles of food.

Member ofThis must be the logo for Sons of Norway but considering my picture through the window of the bus in Norway didn't really turn out - I'm sure they won't mind if I show you my idea for my stabbur.

So we have an old chicken coop or small granary whose sides are bulging and begging to be restored.  Part of the floor is cement that has heaved in the frost our winter/spring bring.  This floor issue has stopped all discussion of rebuilding plans because it seemed like so much work to move huge pieces of cement weighing tons.

Now - my idea is to take the small building down - piece by piece.  My sig other has a planer that I could learn to operate I think.  I know we couldn't selvage all of the wood but selvaging some would be so satisfying.  If we saved some of the boards, we would have fewer boards to purchase.

If we use timbers outside each corner of the existing footprint site for footings, we can build over the cement that is too bad to use as a floor.  Raising the floor deck by - say 24" - might be the trick. 

So now I would have a new place to hide - or - create and we would be using the old to make the new short tree house type shelter.  I will have to choose the appropriate time and mood to approach my new plan.  Actually I introduced this idea in Norway but I'm sure someone was banking on me forgetting the idea.  No such luck!

Huh?  The SO (significant other) wandered in and I went over my new idea...so we're in research mode.  He will stop at Menard's tomorrow and get some prices on a metal building that will look like my Norwegian idea - red with white trim and maybe grass on the roof?  or not.  I'm still holding out for a wood structure but I'm pliable.

Go figure!  I might have to make his favorite for supper tonight.  Woo hoo!  An idea might become a reality in a different form.  I'm good.

Take care,