A Project is a Project is a PROJECT!!!

So why is it when you decide to do a project - like simply painting a very small bathroom - it turns into a major, time-consuming, money pit, anger producing, energy draining PROJECT????

All I wanted to do is freshen up the bathroom...its small with white ceramic tile circling the room higher than chair rail height.  So one quart of paint will more than cover the walls with extra left over to paint the shelf so it will look coordinated. 

Because I like my hair to stay in place all day, I know I will have to really wash the hairspray off the walls with TSP.  So I get the white enamelware dishpan out - fill it with hot water and dump in a TBSP of TSP into it.  I get on my rubber gloves that come with my hair color and begin to wash the walls. 

Our house was built in 1949 and a cool, albeit, troublesome detail is that the tub sits in an alcove.  This produces steam that doesn't escape and creates moisture problems within this area.  The SO (significant other) periodically paints the walls and ceiling above the tub surround with cement paint and that takes care of this problem for a while.

I haul in a stool that is too short to get the top of the wall but has allowed me to see the ceiling.  The previous owner has committed the ultimate bathroom sin - they sprayed the ceiling so it is rough and is stained from the moisture.  Now I have to decide whether to continue washing the walls or stop to handle the ceiling.  Darn!  So I get the floor cleaning deal with the disposable pad and soak the ceiling with a cleaner containing some bleach.  Doesn't cure the problem...and I have ceiling dodo allover the whole bathroom sink, tub, floor, my hair and face.

Now its time to have a meeting in the bathroom to decide what to do.  It's decided that "we" meaning ""me" will paint the ceiling.  I picked up the wall paint this morning.  Now tomorrow I will have to find ceiling paint either in the basement where the leftover paint resides or I have to go to the store to get ceiling paint.  Me thinks while I'm there I better get trim paint to repaint the woodwork and door. 

I started out in such a good mood - SO was away for the day at the doctor and doing other errands - and I was going to wash the walls and then paint them and be done by supper time.

It's going to be a week long project and now I'm Mrs. Crabby Pants.  So I decided to share my whining and write another addition so you can empathize with me.  Is it working?  I'm feeling better I think.  Even if you don't care - I will be updating you on this project.  I did take a before picture so we'll see if its an improvement or not.

How was you day?   Start any new projects???

Take care,
Bonnie (alias Mrs. Crabby Pants)