Healthy Salad?

In my long standing effort to eat healthy, I put a few healthy items on the weekly grocery list.  Romaine lettuce, mandarin oranges, Almond Accents, Brianna's Poppy Seed Dressing and Tyson's Chicken Any'tizers.  My SO (significant other) does our grocery shopping - he knows what a problem it can be if I go to the store when I'm hungry.  It does help the economy when I pull up to our local grocery store, however, and I like to do my part.

I do live in fear that I will have to calculate the calories in my favorite healthy salad some day.  I imagine walking into the local Weight Watcher's meeting where I am asked to record my meals in my food not to start this week.  If a dish contains lettuce, it must be diet food...not so much I guess.

Healthy salad in my world is an being the moron for thinking I can lose weight using my version of healthy recipes.  My rationalizing begins early on in the food making process in my kitchen.  I have the basics down in my brain - lettuce, onions, green pepper, mandarin oranges and a lower caloric dressing...saving on my carbs.  This is where the meal goes viral...the almonds are good except for the sugared part, the chicken is good except for the breading, and then the portion size becomes problematic.  My intentions are usually good but I fall off the rails when I begin adding the things I really like to my healthy salads.

The concept of losing weight is pretty simple...exercise more than you eat.  I'll be off now to run around the county - again.

Take care,