The Almost Completed PROJECT!

I read somewhere a while ago that people who constantly rearrange their furniture are not content with their lives.  I must be contented to the point of stagnation because I never rearrange my furniture neither do I repaint or redecorate. 

I'm feeling so out of character and this brings me to the project I began nine days ago.  Originally I wanted to freshen up the bathroom - the whole bathroom is different shades of off white - the walls, the tiles, the shower surround, the floor, and the ceiling.  I wanted to paint the walls a color.  

Only a week or so later:

1.  The ceiling is primed and painted cream.
2.  The walls are washed and painted Sedona Sand.
3.  The heat grate is sanded and painted cream.
4.  The bathroom is cleaned and the carpet is down.

Yay!!!  I think I'm done and it only took 8 days. 

Now the walls look so good that the shower curtain and window curtain don't thrill me.  They are made of many types of ribbons and trims in many prints and polka dots.  The curtain needs to be tied back or something but it doesn't matter - I will be looking for something different.  The project goes on...


Is this my winter of discontent because the scene outside has become so colorless?  Am I nesting?  Do I feel guilty because I don't change things?  Is this easier than cleaning the rest of the house?  Is this how I will clean the rest of the house by painting so it will be clean when I'm done?  Am I doing this because I really want to work on my mixed media/altered art?  Ugh!

I'm off to paint the hallway - only 5 doors and one doorway. It will probably take me 2 weeks because of all the trim.  But in the end there will be no confusing curtains.

I told the SO that he better keep moving or I might redecorate him.  Help me! Help me!

Take care,