Defining Friendship

It's difficult for me to put my finger on what makes our friendships work so well.  Not sure I can define what it is that bonds us together at this point of our lives.   Maybe we really need each other.  Whatever it is - it is strong, vastly important and unconditional. 

Some have been friends for a long time and some friendships are new.  We are inclusive and welcome everyone to come to coffee after exercise.  There is no membership criteria and no dues.  If you don't have money for coffee, it will be supplied.  If you forget to pay, we will cover your debt. 

Most of our group of 15 -16 women meet three times a week at Curves in our small town.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday is on my schedule for Curves and coffee afterwards.  On very rare occasions, I have to schedule something else on those days at that time but only under emergency circumstances.  To meet with my friends is that important.  It is a constant in my life.  Some mornings it is why I get up and get going and get happy.

There is no gossiping, backbiting or other evil doing.  We are witty, crazy and laugh a lot about  anything.  We are caring, thoughtful and loving.  We are forgetful, inquisitive and empathetic.  We share ideas, knowledge, and experiences.  We come from every background and nationality.  We have multiple the best sense of the words.  We are mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, great grandmothers, great great grandmothers and friends.  We are the best of friends. 

I am so lucky and thankful that I am part of this group at this time of my life.  After world peace, I wish this kind friendship for everyone everywhere.



  1. Hey Bonnie! Clicked on over to your blog from baglady's and I like it here!

    How great to have great friends... I'm only 21, but I guess some things don't change, eh?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Thanks for visiting me! I kinda singled out my Curves friends but the same can be said about my other friends...I just don't get to see them so much. We moved 85 miles away from some "old" friends 10 years ago so these are my newer friends. I cherish all of them! And some things don't change! Thanks again! I'll pop over to your blog now!

  3. I feel the same way, which is probably why I write about my friends all the time.

  4. they are priceless, fickle cattle! Thanks for visiting! It's snowing and blowing here in MN - hope you are having a good day!


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