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Today my life is like sitting in a warm tub of water - that all over good feeling before the water turns cool.  All is good and no conflicts. 

It's easy to be grateful when all the planets are aligned and the stars are shining bright.  It's those other days when its more difficult to appreciate my place in the universe.

I've read a couple of articles recently about how healthy it is to be actually, naturally grateful each day.   In looking for another challenge, I've decided to try my hand at this way of thinking.  One of the ways to cultivate and express this new way of thinking is to create a Grateful Journal.  Each day I will record and reflect on small and/or huge things I'm thankful for in my life.  Then on the days that I'm not feeling so good and grateful, I will have some recorded reminders to remind me.

I've heard of Thankful Jars.  Little strips of paper fill a decorated jar, daily a strip is removed, you write down something you are grateful for, and put it back into the jar. At some point you can record these little strips of paper or just take them out, read and review your thankful thoughts. 

An Affirmation Jar is filled with simple sayings like "You are the best listener" or "You have the greatest smile".  Each day a strip is drawn out, read and you begin your day on a positive note.  I see these as great gifts that are achieving multiple things - recycling a jar, an inexpensive gift and so thoughtful! 

I'm off to make a couple of these Grateful ideas! 

Today I'm grateful for having a place to express my thoughts. 

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Take care,


  1. thats a great idea, it would really put things into perspective day by day. i once tried to keep a grateful journal, it didnt work so well. i guess im not good at finding recordable things that im grateful for.....


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