Norma and Me - The Organizers

An old wardrobe that contains all my exercise clothes

Today Norma, my black and white domestic short-haired cat, and I are organizing my clothes in my bedroom.  We have been sorting and folding clothes to be stacked in my new cupboards I bought at a trash to treasure store in our little town.

I've probably mentioned that I have problems with obsessive collecting.  Doesn't matter if its hoodies or rusty treasures for my crafting...I need it and buy it and pile it up.  I'm trying to change my ways.  I'm not to the hoarder stage but that is my most fearful fear.  Being remembered as the grandma they found buried underneath her treasures one fateful day...not the picture I want to leave for the kids of my kids.

So Norma and I wander through the house trying to focus, stay upright, and away from the computer to complete our task.  As I sit here, Norma stands up against my desk and paws at my camera that sits along side of me on the desk.  She brings me back to reality and the line item that I mean to check off my list of "Things To Do" today.  So I get up from the comfort of my screen and I go back to the bedroom to try and find places for all the stuff that doesn't seem to have a place.  A wooden bowl filled with things I threw in there when we got back from Norway...a small container of bandages, the tie from the hood of a hoodie, a small journal (too small to write in), and other odd items. 

My newest screen door cupboard 

Norma keeps wandering off and so do I.  I guess we have done the best we could today considering our attention span for this organizing ordeal.  My wicker chair is cleared so I can sit and read in my room now.  That is a big positive.  When I can't sleep I can stay in my room instead of going into the livingroom in the middle of the night. 

 I guess its time to start another project...this one is almost done.  A few pictures to hang or set somewhere.  I keep covering up the walls so I lose room for picture hanging.  The screen door cupboard now covers the side wall and the back wall where pictures used to hang.  Oh well - another project for another day.  If it keeps snowing and blowing, I might be home for a couple more days.

I better go see if Norma is taking a cat nap - I might join her.  This organizing stuff is tiring. 

My helper...Norma Jean

Take care,